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Welcome! Please feel free to browse around our page where you will find secrets to looking and feeling young and healthy from the inside out at the cellular level! You will have the opportunity to peruse our IV and IM injection menu, check out our packages, and even find out how to book a home party to receive your IV Therapy for FREE!! Don't forget to click the navigation button (top right corner) if you are visiting our website from your cell phone. Our IVs are drenched with essential life enhancing formulas, electrolytes, and amino acids in order to flood your cells with the necessary nutrients they crave. In most cases results are felt immediately!


Jammed full for overall health. Other Benefits: Lowers Stress, Enhances Mood, Improves Energy and Immunity, Enhances Fetal Development, Improves Circulation of Blood and Oxygen to Brain


This can be our little secret! Great for the night before or morning of the big race! Improves muscle performance by improving circulation and muscular endurance. Great for those on a low carb diet.


Post workout drip that is a metabolism stimulator which will help burn fat. (Best if used in unison with fish oil) Other Benefits: Helps to Maintain Blood Sugar Levels.


Great for fighting virus'! Mega Immunity boosts immunity and decreases the duration of illnesses. This amazing drip also REPAIRS damaged cells caused by stress and infection while supporting a healthy immune system.


Young beautiful skin drip that keeps your skin healthy at the cellular level. Other Benefits: Improves Cognitive Function, Improves Immunity, Counters the Effects of Chronic Fatigue, Promotes Bone Health, Promotes Prostate Health


Essential for any executive on the go! Improves brain function, focus, energy level, heart health, and mood while reducing stress and effects of post-meeting cocktails! Helps you to stay in the game by boosting immunity while traveling. Ultimately helping you to BE the EDGE!


#1 Naturally occurring antioxidant naturally occurring in your body helps to flush out impurities and cancer causing free radicals. Other Benefits: Boosts Immunity, Anti-Inflammatory, Promotes Liver Health

LIBIDO DRIP – $139.99

This drip will dilate arteries thus allowing circulation and oxygen to all your fun places enhancing performance and pleasure!

CoQ10 – $40

An antioxidant that is beneficial for heart health by lowering cholesterol levels. Other Benefits: Helps Minimize Muscle Discomfort and Spasms.

We have a drip for that!

Our IVs Contain Formulas That:

- Promote Muscle Growth - Stimulate Circulation
- Boost Immunity - Help Diminish Fat Cells
- Beautify Skin - Support Wound Healing
- Boost Libido